RN Recognition

Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts

There are around 350 Sea Scout groups and units in the UK and 103 are officially recognised by the Royal Navy.

RN Sea Scouts wear the RN Recognition badge on their uniforms, fly a special RN Recognition pennant and wear a defaced red ensign at their HQs and sometimes on their boats.

This Recognition allows us to apply for small capital grants and the Royal Navy put on training camps, and a swimming Gala every year. there is no revenue funding and no allowances paid to leaders or the Group.

There is no expectation of Young People seeking a career in the Navy but it is the RN's opportunity to support Scouting to provide some help with water activities.

Locally we have another opportunity. During the Bournemouth Air show a RN support ship from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), is normally anchored in the bay. Our Scouts and Explorers are invited to spend 24 hours on the ship, undertaking various activities and getting an amazing view of the air show and fireworks!

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Mudeford is designated number 42 ( a useful number for those that enjoyed 'The Hitch hikers guide' to the Galaxy' – 42 is the answer to Life the universe and everything !)

The Group received its recognition in 1981

To remain a recognised Group we have an inspection every 18 months to two years. We have a a good number of inspections over the years since. The last inspection was in September 2019 which we passed after putting on an amazing display by the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.